Easiest Way To Feed Your Family Every Week

Spending more time at home?  Too tired to make dinner?  Our meal prep plans are a great way to provide delicious, nutritional meals for your family without the hassle of cooking and cleaning.

How It Works

Choose Your Meals

Choose a weeks worth of meals at a time

Food Delivered Weekly

Meals are delivered every Thursday afterrnoon in a sealed bag by our own delivery drivers

Warm and Serve

Warm up your fresh, healthy meals in only a few minutes

Dinner at a reasonable cost

With plans starting as low as $8 per meal, you can provide meals to your family for less than a typical take out order... without having to go to the restaurant or tip the delivery driver.

Family Unwrapping

Spend time with family, not over a hot stove

Meals only require a few minutes to heat up and don't require constant monitoring.  They can even be served right from the container as we bring our skills at catering to ensure they look as good as they taste.

Never be bored with dinner

The menu varies each week with new, interesting and healthy food for you to try.  Don't worry if there is something you like, we keep rotate menu items over several weeks so you can have it again.

Family Cooking

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