Holiday Individual Meal Delivery


The holidays are quickly approaching and planning a holiday party during a pandemic can be stressful;  Making a banquet for a smaller group can be more challenging.  Leftovers are great, but leftovers for two weeks?  Cmon.  Is it even possible to purchase half a turkey?  The feast is no longer a feast; it’s an exercise in division to figure out ingredients.

2020 has been a long, rough year.  The holidays don’t have to add to your stress.  Tapestry can help by providing a delicious, ready to eat holiday meal so you can enjoy spending time with your family.
Our family style meals come packed, ready to heat and serve 4-5 people.  Individually packed holiday meals also available for smaller serving sizes or conveniently packed lunches.

Current Delivery Date
- November 19th. Please place your order by the 17th
- November 24th. Please place your order by the 22nd

Please check back for the ongoing delivery/pick up dates, this menu will be available until January 2021!


Package Prepare Refrigerated Meal 
Pricing Options
The family pack serves 4-5 person $46 - Order Here
Individual meal pack $69 Order Here
Menu Options 

Option 1: Smoked turkey, honey ham, cranberry sauce, stuffing, roasted mixed roots

Option 2: Roasted chicken, Stuffed bell pepper, green bean, mashed potato. 

Extra Add on side of your choice, please see below for side option  Order Here

Prepare Refrigerated Group Option

Please contact our catering team Click Here

Minimum 10 orders - comes with heating instruction 

1 protein 2 sides - $12/person 

2 proteins 3 sides - $14/person

Add Appetizer or Dessert for $3.50/person for each item

Add more protein option $4 each item

Share style or individual pack 


Cheesy Foccacia 

Cocktail shrimp shot

Bacon wrap stuffed Pepper


Bake Brie Cranberry Puff


Roasted Herb Chicken Breast

Spiral Honey Glazed Ham

Smoked Turkey (GF) with Cranberry Sauce (GF)

Pot Roast (GF)

Stuffed Bell pepper Quinoa and Veggies (GF, Vegan)



Apple Walnut Salad with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette (GF) 

Cobb Salad 


Cranberry Muffin VG

Mashed Potato VG 

Candied Sweet Potato GF

Roasted Mix Roots V GF

Roasted Brussel Sprout (Add bacon $.25) V GF

Saute Green Bean (Add bacon $.25) V GF


Holiday Desserts(+$2) 

Apple Crisp

Pumpkin Pie 

Fall Fruit Pie

PSL Budino Shot

Dessert Box +$20 Assorted desserts for 4-5 people

Drinks (+$2) 

Home-style apple cider

Cranberry Mules Mix (Just add vodka wine and you are good to go)

Autumn Sangria Mix (Just add Red wine and enjoy)