Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast that packed, wrapped and smoother in green chili for a quick grab and go.

hearty and healthy breakfast burrito
hearty and healthy breakfast burrito

Our breakfast burrito is loaded with egg, potato, cheese, and house green chili wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. A quick breakfast set up for a busy office to start the day right. Add some coffee and orange juice to complete the meal.

A good breakfast is a start of a good day

Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast can contribute significantly to your overall quality of life. It will give your metabolism the jump start it needs to burn calories throughout the day.

Breakfast Burritos 5” for $3.5

Includes egg, potato, cheese, and green chile (Vegetarian)

GF Vegan Breakfast Burrito 5" for $4.5

Includes GF tortilla, scrambled tofu, potato, and green chile

2 business days reservation, please!

Minimum Order $50

Delivery Fee $20 or 10% of the total food cost.

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