Breakfast Yogurt Parfait Bar

Start your office day off right with this Breakfast Parfait Bar. Yogurt, nuts, seeds, homemade granola, and fresh fruit will combine to make a delicious breakfast that you and your team can enjoy making themselves.

With a variety of grains, seeds, nuts, fresh fruits, and flavored syrup, everyone can have a parfait just the way they want it.

We offered a variety of healthy toppings, including freshly chopped strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, granola, and seed, in separated bowls making it easy for everyone to access their favorites. Honey and vanilla syrup also available on the table so that you could create your favorite yogurt flavor or just enjoy it plain. There were a variety of healthy items out for the Breakfast Parfait Bar. This breakfast bar offers a fun way for everyone to pick and choose what toppings they wanted in their parfait.

From office breakfast to special brunch, this colorful make-your-own- parfait bar is sure to impress. Our catering delivery team is always punctual and trained to provide the best set up for your location.

Yogurt Bar $4.50/ per person

Minimum 10

Everything will be separated in a catering container, serving utensils and tableware included.

Plain yogurt, Simple Syrup, Honey

Homemade Granola - (oat, honey, and cranberry)

almond, walnut, chia seed, sunflower seed

dried pineapple Seasonal fresh fruit ( two kinds)

2 business days reservation, please!

Minimum Order 10 people

Delivery Fee $20 or 10% of the total food cost.

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